Revolutionary new weight loss – a total body and mind system that makes you feel better, healthier, happier and saves you money!



Leading International Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Sandie Robertson will help you lose weight with minimal effort and keep it off for good with her revolutionary new weight loss system – Why Weight.

Do you lose weight only to regain it and have to start over?  Feel like you’re constantly going round in circles? Sandie will help you stop that.

Yesterday you said tomorrow. On Friday you said Monday’s the day you’ll start. Sandie can help you break this cycle of excuses.

For the first time renowned wellness expert Sandie Robertson brings you the chance to change the way you think forever and achieve your weight loss goal. The chance to be the person you have always wanted to be.  The person you deserve to be.

Why Weight? Sandy Robertson

Make a permanent improvement to your life for less than the price of a cut and colour in most salons.

Sandie has worked with European Athletes, CEO’s and professional football players.  She’s appeared in countless publications including The Daily Record, The Sun and Sunday Mail.  Now she’ll work with you.

Her life enhancing revolutionary system will blend advanced mental techniques and cognitive science together with the latest thinking on nutrition and exercise to leave you empowered and happier.  Make a permanent improvement to your life for less than the price of a cut and colour in most salons.

This is your chance to take control and feel great about yourself.  This is your chance to see that the problem is not what you’re eating or how much you’re exercising.  These are just symptoms.  The problem is how you’re thinking.

You can have a state of the art exercise machine in your house but it’ll be nothing more than a clothes horse if you’re not motivated to use it. Your fridge can be full of health eating choices but if you’re not ‘in the zone’, takeaway’s your choice.

If this strikes a chord with you then there’s one question you need to answer – Why Weight?


Join Sandie at one of her Why Weight seminars, the next one is on 6th November 2016. See why everyone is talking about them in the video below.

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October 2016 seminar

Tickets on sale NOW for November 2016