The equestrian performance coach, author and columnist

Sandie has been involved in nearly every aspect of equestrian life for 3 decades now.  

With experience in breeding, dressage and eventing she is a qualified coach and her passion is show jumping, where she competed successfully up to 1.30m.

The accident that changed my life forever

Sandie Showjumping

Having always worked with horses a show jumping accident that left her with a broken back changed the way she looked at things forever.  

“I decided after the accident I had to give my body something back, so I trained in nutrition and to be a personal trainer and sports therapist.  

When I started competing again I realised the physical aspect of things was fine, it was my mind that needed the work.

I trained in Sports psychology, hypnotherapy,NLP and coaching and went on to run my own academy and had a very successful business with two office bases and a full diary of high end clients providing an exclusive, confidential service to individuals who wanted to succeed.  

Working with sports men and women was where I always wanted to be, but it want until after being a Mind Coach for a first division football club that I made the decision to work only within the equestrian market”


Achieving goals and overcoming fear

For the past 10 years I have been helping riders across the globe achieve their goals, overcome fears and learn from disappointments and maximize their performance.  

Whether that means being mentally stronger than their competitors, shaving vital seconds off the clock, creating an unbeatable team spirit or being more resilient when things don’t got to plan. 

The role of a mind coach is vital in today’s competitive world.

Grow into that winning mindset

The competitor who wins, is after all the one who is best on the day.

You can be the best at home but it’s the one who can consistently perform under pressure who reaps the rewards.  

To put it simply it is my job to keep top riders at the top, and to enable aspiring riders to grow in to that winning mind set.

Sandie Robertson Equestrian Confidence Coach

My confidence coaching can help you achieve your goals

... And what they say

"Never be afraid to keep trying, few great achievements in life come easily or just by chance.

Largely thanks to Sandie's ability to improve my focus and performance I have had a fantastic year.

She has a true talent that makes keeping a clear view of my goals effortless and enthusiasm for my new goals endless." -David Harland

"I would highly recommend Sandie; her approachable personality and professional approach makes talking to her effortless.  

As a full-time university student who also competes internationally in dressage, Sandie’s help has been invaluable.  

Initially helping me to channel my nerves when competing we have focused on several ways to enhance my performance both at home and at competitions.  

I used to find myself getting nervous in the last 5 minutes before I entered the ring which lead to difficulties in the arena. Having spent time working on this with Sandie I now feel much more confident in my ability to perform when it matters.

In addition, Sandie has helped me to balance competing with university work as well as living so far away from home which all come with their own stressors.  

I have worked with Sandie for around 4 years now and despite me living so far away during university term time, Sandie has proven her amazing support and commitment by enabling me to keep up with our sessions via skype and phone calls which has proven essential throughout. Sandie is a key part of my home team and has enabled me to achieve the goals I have set myself over the last 4 years." -Robyn

"I got in touch with Sandie after having had a bad fall from my young horse. I was starting to feel sick and anxious even at the thought of going to the yard and it was affecting how I felt about my other horse.  

I was thinking about it all of the time. Sandie helped me enormously and I absolutely loved the Hypnotherapy part of the session. I am now back riding both of my horses and am happy in the arena again where the accident happened.  

I use all my techniques that Sandie taught me if I need to, but to be honest that's not often any more as I feel more confident than ever before. I cant thank you enough Sandie.." -Cathie

"I have always been a keen horse women and have been riding and competing all my life, but after a freak accident whilst handling a horse, I ended up in HDU for 5 days.  

I was desperate to recover so I could get back to the thing I love most...horses. I recovered physically but mentally I became a wreck. I became so terrified that another freak accident would happen I began having panic attacks, crying all the time and suffering from extreme anxiety - I will go as far to say I even felt suicidal.  

I read an article about Sandie and how she helps people so decided to make an appointment. That was the best decision I have ever made. With Sandie's help I began to overcome my demons and start riding again. With the techniques Sandie taught me I manage to control my anxiety and have remembered why I love horses and riding, I even managed a small competition recently.  

Sandie understands the relationship between a horse and rider and how to get the best out of it. Without Sandie I would not be riding today." -Rhea

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