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Global Equestrian Performance Coach, Author & Columnist

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About Sandie

Sandie Robertson has taken equestrian coaching market by storm.

Being a rider and horse owner all her life she couldn’t imagine another career path….


… A showjumping accident changed her path forever!



Working with teams & individuals Sandie creates strategies that turn into  magical transformations.

With a background in mental & physical health.

Sandie unlocks winning performances across the globe, obliterating anxieties, self esteem & confidence issues  with her clients so they can get back to doing what they love to do.

Breeding Success

Juniors to Seniors…

Grassroots to Olympic Riders..

Sandie’s commitment, dedication & passions to help riders succeed in the saddle & at home in life is contagious.

She prides herself on being approachable &  non-judgemental & has the ability to ask hard questions with grace.

Gently pushing you to where you need to go to allow change, often without you even knowing it.


Clients say…

Elite Equestrians

As well as being founder of the Elite Equestrian Coaching Academy,  Sandie trains you with tools to support your coaching:

  • CBT,
  • NLP,
  • Coaching & Sports Psychology
  • & More…

Sandie is extremely passionate about her standards of training & producing quality professional candidates whom she would be happy to refer her own clients to. 




Before turning her focus to the equestrian community, Sandie had great success as a  mind coach with footballers and athletes as well as working with corporate organisations as a wellness coach.

It was here she developed her signature CHANGE CHAIN philosophy, and her theory which underpins her whole approach.

Transform not just your mindset…

not just your riding…

transform your life…  

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