What they say...

I will never be the person I was before....

“My 1st appointment I felt like I was going for coffee with a friend (previously I had only spoke with her for 15 mins via zoom).  I had never felt more relaxed in being able to relay my thoughts and feelings. I always felt that I needed to deflect people from what was really going on. Sandie made it easy and comfortable to open up and be honest with myself.

I have no idea how she does it! It’s almost magical. My husband said to me to keep using the exercises/ tools she had given me in coping/dealing with situations…but there wasn’t any! She has a way of re-centering you and getting you to focus on what is important.

I will never be the person I was before April 2014, but I’m certainly not the person I’ve been for the last 4 years.  I feel like a can breathe, like my world has opened and I can smell the flowers.  Even my riding instructor commented that I was riding with more confidence.”


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Either the clock had to stop or I had to...

EITHER the clock had to stop or I had to stop riding – what a choice?

I was lucky enough to hear about this lady called Sandie whilst working with a riding instructor who had met with Sandie and their comment was:

‘I know what she would say to you’

Was I that easy to read or indeed that predictable?! (But more importantly…Could she help?)

So I googled Sandie and had a Discovery call and the rest is history.

For me it was the whole Now or Never. I can no longer feel like this – so I made the call. 

For me, I had struggled on thinking that the reason I was having all these doubts and anxieties was simply down to time: 

It had not been that long since the accident but little things kept happening and a final horrid accident broke any belief that I had in my ability as a rider.

I still recall her saying: “If you want a plaster I’m not the girl for you, so be prepared to go WAY deeper than you probably expect!” (well this was the case for me but we are all different with different issues!!)

For those close to me who knew I was working with Sandie they kept asking if I felt better or is it working?


I‘m not sure what your expectations will be, but for me I did not suddenly feel better or see the light but what did happen was an inner strength started growing and coping mechanisms and a simple seeing things in a much more positive way without even knowing it was happening.

Do I still doubt?

Yes because that is me, but do I think it is worth taking that trip with Sandie then the answer is a definite YES all the way!

It’s really simple:

ALL I wanted was to stop thinking and start riding and this lady has allowed me to do exactly that!

It is an investment in yourself and IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT.

Name Protected for Confidentiality

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